Welcome to the iCorr® Universe

iCorr® is BHS Corrugated's vision for a comprehensive digital service plattform -
the basis for intelligent corrugated board production.

Produce more efficiently!

Made for the Plant

Our solutions are designed with the ability to combine them with other products in the corrugated board plant at any time.

Data Analytics

Use Artifical Intelligence and advanced analytics to make factory data useful for solving productivity and quality challenges across the enterprise.

Real Industry 4.0

With our solutions, you can already use the added value of connected systems to your advantage.

With iCorr®, we enable you to run your corrugated plant more efficiently. Through our combined solutions and know-how of the corrugated board industry, we can help you to increase your overall plant efficiency.

How it works

iCorr® is the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from BHS Corrugated, that connects your equipment, systems, and machines, and allows you to leverage the wealth of data from your production with extensive analysis.
Take the plunge and discover your way to digitizing your corrugated plant with our iCorr® solutions.

Get more out of your plant – with Advanced Data Analytics

Modern BHS corrugating plants provide a wide variety of data like sensor data, machine signals, and production parameters.
iCorr® enables you to utilize the full potential of your data by offering innovative digital solutions and applications in the fields of Predictive Maintenance, Forecasting, Benchmarking, and Analysis for nearly every part of your corrugator.

Let the Numbers speak for themselves


Device groups connected


Monitored production conditions


Corrugator stops prevented


Data points measured

Get to know your iCorr® Suite

Transparent analysis and condition monitoring

Enhance the output of your corrugators. This is achieved by comprehensive condition monitoring, visual analyses of all historical data, and proactive 24/7 expert support.

Integrated plant-wide maintenance

The analysis of historical and live production data enables predictive work, and parts orders, which are the basis for an optimized asset availability.

Automated procurement processes

Optimize and simplify procurement processes via a holistic platform. For all BHS Corrugated customers you can now visit our brand new icorr.shop

All systems connected

Gain insights and generate added value by overcoming the challenges of separated systems, and equipment from field bus to enterprise level.

Advanced productivity optimization

We apply advanced machine learning concepts for solving productivity and quality challenges across your corrugated box plants.