Discover the iCorr® product portfolio

The iCorr® product portfolio

innovative process, software and hardware solutions

We offer individual solutions for multifaceted requirements - always customized to your needs. Each of our products can be predominantly allocated to one category. We are currently offering solutions for the following product categories:

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All iCorr® products:

For a future-oriented production

Operations Support

Monitor your corrugator parameters around the clock – the use of Operations Support makes it possible to identify production losses at an early stage, and to reduce stop times to a minimum.

Audio-visual support in real time

Assist Glasses

Get the experts of BHS Corrugated directly to your corrugator within seconds: state-of-the-art Wearable Technology allows audio-visual support for efficient problem solving.

Analyze your production data

Production Data Analyzer

Use the Production Data Analyzer to detect long-term trends and optimization potentials: Calculation and preparation of relevant KPIs allow systematic and comprehensive assessment of your production process.

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Visualize your process data

Process Data Visualizer

Effective search for causes of complaints and quality issues: Individual analyses based on all process-relevant data and Master View templates for recurring evaluations are thereby supported.

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Increase your production potential

Opportunity Finder

Identify your unused production potential: The Opportunity Finder supports you with the analysis of production speeds and with the optimization of production efficiency.

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Your KPIs at a glance

Performance Control

The major shift KPIs are always available to you: Performance Control offers fundamental support for assessment of your production performance.

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Analyze your orders

Order Review

Get support for the cause study regarding quality issues: Order Review – of course AI-supported – helps you with the detailed analysis of your orders.

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Paper information from beginning to end

Reel Hunt

Create transparency in the use of your paper rolls: Reel Hunt allows tracing the paper from supplier to completed order.

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Everything from one single source


Order spares and services for your corrugator and for single machines: comfortably and quickly, anytime and from anywhere.

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Efficient procurement processing


Use all functionalities of the iCorr® Shop – even more efficiently: We provide a fully automated ordering process, complying with your internal approval processes.

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